Where most bands stay well within the boundaries of conventional music genres, the Hanlon Brothers love to push the limits of musical expression. From their inception as a band in 2012, the Hanlon Brothers have melded a wide variety of styles, cultures and genres into a signature sound that has quickly seen them carve a name for themselves on the touring scene, as well as gaining an extremely loyal and ever-growing fan base. Emerging from the ground roots underground music scene of the Gold Coast, it was their daring and unique improvisation nights that immediately set them apart. When every performance is spontaneous and unrehearsed, and every beat and melody is constructed on the spot, it is hard to define the music that is created. Largely the Hanlon Brother’s music is described as a long series of slashes: Soul / R & B / Dub / Jazz / Funk / Latin / Neo-soul fusion. But it is in fact the raw energy and genius of pure improvisation that truly defines them. Their signature sound evolves from a collective jam that brings together a melting pot of creative chemistry, innate talent and broad musical influences, using instrumental technique and musical language to create new melodies in real time. Consequently, no two live Hanlon Brothers gigs are ever the same. What’s more, their improvisation nights provide an ideal musical breeding ground where innovative compositions are born and tracks are road-tested and fine-tuned for later recording in the studio.