It’s not every student who can say they’ve had their artwork utilised for a professional industry event, but 18 year old Gold Coast TAFE alum Bryce Lennox certainly can. For the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards, Bryce was tasked with animating Skull Murphy, the GCMA logo created by local artist Dion Parker, for use in the video presentations on the night. We shot him five questions to get to know the man behind the animation.

How did you get into animation?

I have always loved Cartoons, movies and games, and I wanted to learn how to make them. So back in 2016, I started teaching myself how to draw, 2D animate and I also started to learn 3D animation at TAFE as well.

What were the courses you actually did at TAFE?

When I first went to TAFE in 2016, I completed a short course on how to use adobe illustrator and then later that year I completed a Certificate 3 in Media where I learned more about 2D animation and started to learn 3D animation. Then in 2017, I completed a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media where I learned a lot more about 3D animation along with web design. I graduated in November that year and I am really happy with what I learned and how I was taught.

What’s next now your study has completed?

I have not started working full time yet unfortunately, but I would love to be able to do work similar to what I did with Skull Murphy for the Gold Coast music awards. I love making things in both 3D and 2D, and I would really enjoy working in that industry.

How were you chosen for the job?

I was approached by Ann Stevens from TAFE with the opportunity to be able to do some work for the Gold Coast Music Awards and It sounded exactly like something I wanted to do. So I then met with Chloe Popa, Dion Parker and Karen Graham to discuss what they wanted me to do with Skull Murphy. Then we came up with some ideas and I started working on the project.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the process?

The main issue I was faced was the scope of the project, I had never done anything of this size before let alone for an actual client. Also I was going on holidays just before the end of my deadline, so I had to make sure that I used my time wisely to be able to get everything done and at a quality I could be proud of. But in the end, I was really happy with how it all turned out and I learned a lot through the process of making Skull Murphy.