Three mothers, each with two year old sons, have taken it upon themselves to shine a national spotlight on the Gold Coast’s live music scene.

The Gold Coast Music Awards which launched publicly this week aims to stimulate interest in the Gold Coast as a live music destination.

It is the brainchild of Chloe Popa, Amanda Gorman and Samantha Morris. Apart from their love of culture and the Gold Coast, the women share another thing in common. They’re all mothers to two year old boys.

Amanda Gorman, a make-up artist and advertising manager said the awards will help to demonstrate the diversity of talent here on the Gold Coast.

“We started to compile a list of musicians and artists working here on the Gold Coast,” she said. “And we realised that the number of people who make a living from the music industry on the Gold Coast is quite large.”

“It’s not just musicians either. It’s record labels and live music promoters, it’s venues and restaurants and artists designing CD labels. There are video producers and sound engineers and a whole raft of people who help drive music in paid and unpaid roles.”

Amanda said that in its first year the awards would focus on bringing people together and celebrating the Gold Coast’s music industry.

“We’re not sure where it will grow from there,” she said.

With nominations due to open in April and the awards ceremony already confirmed for July, the three mothers have a lot to do to get the project up and running.

“We’ve already secured Burleigh Brewery as our presenting partner,” Amanda said. “And we have a list of creative partners who have already committed to bringing this concept to fruition.”

“What we need most of all is for people to nominate and for people to come to the ceremony.”

That shouldn’t be too much to ask. Because Burleigh Brewery are partnering for the inaugural awards, they’re also throwing open their doors for the presentation ceremony.

“We’re going to do it classic Gold Coast style though,” Amanda said. “Think beanies, Burleigh beers and boardies.”

“This is about promoting the Gold Coast and its burgeoning music scene,” she said. “We want it to be accessible, we want it to be genuine, and we want it to be quintessentially Gold Coast.”