2017 Venue of the Year – elsewhere

Elsewhere strives to give local artists pivotal exposure alongside some of the best from Australia and the world. The venue acts as a platform to empower emerging and established talent, providing the professional support necessary to strive for world-class performance standards. With close attention to sound and lighting production, the result is a sea of unforgettable performances, both from the artists’ perspective, and the audience. For the customer, few venues offer the intimacy to feel with performing artists like they do at elsewhere. It’s an environment, where artists feed off the crowd’s energy, and vice versa.

Just some of the acts who’ve graced elsewhere’s stage in the past year: Chastity Belt, Chelsea Rockwells, Client Liaison, Darkc3ll, David Schwepps, Die! Die! Die!, Donny Love, Edward Thatch & The Salvage, Elizabeth Rose, Free The Genie, Ivey, Lanks, Lastlings, Lotus Ship, Paces, Peach Fur, Stone Witches, Tempura Nights, Tesla Coils, The Belligerents, The Ruiins, The Vernons, The Wrath, Th’Fika, Von Villains, White Lodge, Wild Honey, World Champion, Wren Klauf and Yes Sir Noceur.



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May 26, 2017