Album of the Year – Lane Harry x Ike Campbell, Youth

Youth was produced by Guy Cooper and Ike Campbell at Serotonin Productions and released for free by Human Records. The concept was to create something that had an international sound, but a Gold Coast and Australian youth focus. It incorporates guest Gold Coast vocalisits including Aquila Young, Sophia Koop, Eliza Pickard and Lily Papas and was written by Ike Campbell & Lane-Harry in an unassuming Palm Beach bedroom and produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in Ashmore. The album was launched to US audiences in July 2016 through several radio stations and online hip-hop blogs, securing the boys the Seth Sentry support in Australia, followed by Ivan Ooze, Remi, Allday and huge US act Tech9. The album was launched to Australian audiences in late 2016 and has received high praise from Australian rapper 360, naming Gold Coast and Lane x Ike an act to look out for.

Read more about Ike Campbell x Lane-Harry here.


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May 26, 2017