Lagerstein – People’s Choice Award 2020

In the 9 years since their inception, Lagerstein have become an emerging hit, with two albums under their belt and tours across Australia and Europe. Equally well known for their unmistakable brand of catchy party tunes and legendary live show, Lagerstein’s dedication to piracy, partying and their art is unquestionable. Catchy melodies and a powerful metal backup, combined with the commanding vocals of Captain Gregarggh, create the instantly-recognisable sounds of partying that characterise Lagerstein. The band have been a favourite opener for some of metal’s greatest, including Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Finntroll, Gloryhammer and Ensiferum. Lagerstein are scarcely off the road and across 22 countries, have brought their remarkable live show to tens of thousands of fans. Party times ahoy!